In 2004, I record two CD’s with Doug Hammer of DreamWorld Studios north of Boston.  When the project is complete, I’m relieved and satisfied.  And had no plans to promote the work.  Then I heard about this service called CDBaby.  I threw my music up there and sold a few.  Life goes on.

The other day (11 years later) I receive an email from CDBaby founder Derek Silvers.  He has a new idea, presumably born of the same idealism that drove his prior ventures.  It’s called NowNowNow.  It’s a snapshot of what a person is doing “right now.”  Right now, meaning currently.

I’ve surfed some of the first 250 or so pages/people and some are already using NNN to drive traffic to their site; many have a list of hypo-manic achievement-oriented boasts, as if the person is trying to impress a parent or teacher.  Of course, Derek points out that the /now activity gets people to write down what they are doing and therefore help promote focus.

I’m going to try and approach this with some humility, even though my Springer’s grandfather won the Westminster Dog Show in 2007.  But I had nothing to do with that.  It just makes for an interesting story.

What Phil is Doing Now

(updated Tuesday, November 24th, 2015)

  • Living in Boston two days a week, Cape Cod five days a week
  • Helping former XEROX Chief Scientist Subrata Das, PhD. convert machine learning and predictive analytics content to modular eLearning nuggets for CrossKnowledge (EUR) – with humility.
  • Developing a post-financial-crisis (2011) story about a cargo pilot who discovers that he’s transporting 10 tons of gold to Caracas, Venezuela and how he (and his female co-pilot) decide to ditch the plan (and plane) and make an off-radar water landing in 5o feet of water north of Aruba.
  • Trying to convince himself to get off the couch and do one solitary push-up.
  • Reviewing films for the 2016 Cape Cod International Film Festival and The World Film Championships (both of which he founded) – with humility!
  • Thinking about a special girl.
  • Allowing a Thanksgiving turkey to defrost on the kitchen floor.
  • Staring at a copy of Camille Paglia’s SEXUAL PERSONAE while it sits on the dining room table.
  • Getting a wine and food education from Heather Tarter and Robert Shortsleeve
  • Putting together a list of things to do tomorrow, half of which will not be done, but will be put off for another time because they’re not that urgent (ie. rake leaves)